WhatsApp Favorites : Mark Important WhatsApp messages as favorite

WhatsApp is nowadays widely used for official conversations in many businesses and a lot of important information is exchanged over WhatsApp. It is a good habit to keep an up to date WhatsApp backup of such important conversations. But today we'll be having a look at an easy method to search important WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Favorites : Mark Important WhatsApp messages as favorite

For someone who is constantly exchanging crucial information on WhatsApp searching messages sent and received in the past will be a kind of daily feature.

Though there is an easy to use search feature in WhatsApp but it’s always considered as a best practice to mark messages of utmost importance as favorites. This makes searching and retrieving them in future easier.

How to mark a WhatsApp message as favorite?

To mark a WhatsApp message as favorite –

Step 1 :

Locate the message you want to mark as favorite.

Step 2 :

Long press on that message.

Step 3 :

An Action bar will appear on the top.

Step 4 :

Tap on the star icon.

This will mark this message of yours as favorite. To view all your favorite messages open the conversation list and click on the Options. Now select the starred messages option.

Conclusion :

Though this might not look like a very important WhatsApp feature but as the number of messages on your phone increases and you start using WhatsApp heavily then your important messages will start getting lost within the not so important messages - this is when this feature of WhatsApp will turn out to be a life saver. It is advised that one should mark the important message as favorite as soon as the message is read else it might become a bit difficult to find it out. Other WhatsApp features that might look insignificant but are actually very important include - hiding WhatsApp last seen activitycreating broadcast list etc. One should not ignore them as well.