Use whatsapp in computer Web Browser

WhatsApp is one feature-rich social networking and chatting app - it has come up with some really cool features like creating broadcast list, backup on Google drive, hiding last seen activity etc. - that make the life of its users easier. Though using Whatsapp has been made quite easy with time and the introduction of WhatsApp message formatting tried to make the messages look cool as well but at the end of the day texting from mobile using its tiny keyboard is not easy.

Use whatsapp in computer Web Browser

Specially the heavy WhatsApp users will eventually get tired of using WhatsApp through phone’s small screen and keyboard, here’s one technique to enjoy messaging with the luxury of computer’s big screen and keyboard. You might want to compare this to Android's Screen cast feature.

WhatsApp has a web browser version also available. This browser version can be connected to your mobile and this way you can enjoy your WhatsApp chatting through your PC’s web Browser.

How to Use whatsapp in computer Web Browser?

To enjoy your WhatsApp chatting from your computer web browser follow the steps listed below -

Step 1 :

Open WhatsApp on your Mobile device.

Step 2 :

Click the options button.

Step 3 :

Look for “WhatsApp Web” in options and tap on it.

Use WhatsApp through your Computer’s Web Browser
Step 4 :

Go to on your PC.

Step 5 :

Use your mobile to Scan the QR code shown on the browser of your PC. This Will connect your phone to your PC. Now you can start your WhatsApp messaging from your PC.

Use WhatsApp through your Computer’s Web Browser

Note# You need to follow this procedure only once. One mobile device can be connected to as many PC’s as you want.

You don’t need to worry about syncing of the messages across the several devices you are connected to. WhatsApp will elegantly take care of that.

To disconnect from the devices you are connected to, go to Options > WhatsApp Web and choose the option “Logout from all computers”.

Conclusion :

Using mobile screen on computer is very interesting specially while playing games etc. but using an app directly from the computer is much more absorbing. And if the app like Whatsapp which every one loves to use for long hours then what else would one want. Hence using WhatsApp on computer definitely deserves a try.