WhatsApp broadcast - Create a broadcast list

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular chatting app right now. It is the favorite of its users due to its simplicity and many other features. The youth is literally involved in their cool whatsapp messages 24 x 7 on their mobile handsets and also using whatsapp on computer.

WhatsApp broadcast - Create a broadcast list

But a few features of WhatsApp annoy the users too. WhatsApp read receipts, over exposed WhatsApp number, WhatsApp last seen activity are the ones that fall in this category.


Why should I use WhatsApp broadcast?

A major concern of WhatsApp users is that their number stays exposed to people whom they don’t even know just because some of their friend sends a group message. In case of a message to whole group the identity and number of everyone in the group is revealed to every other member of the group. If you want you to send a message to a number of your friends but want to protect their identity from each other then WhatsApp broadcast is the better option you can go for.

You can create a broadcast list. Like a group message a broadcast message can also be sent to a lot of people at once (hence the name broadcast) but the benefit is that the identity and the number of a member of this broadcast list is not revealed to other members of the list.

How to Create a WhatsApp broadcast List?

To create a broadcast list –

Step 1:

Go to the conversation list screen.

Step 2:

Tap on the Options button.

Step 3:

Choose new Broadcast option.



Step 4:

Choose the recipients of the new broadcast message.

Step 5:

Click Done.

Now you are ready to send messages to all these selected members in the broadcast list.

Conclusion :

Using WhatsApp broadcast lists can save your friends' and your privacy in a big way. Just make using broadcast list a part of your habit and use them as much as possible to save your number from falling into wrong hands. WhatsApp lets its users know a lot about the message activities of other users and in such scenario saving your number as much as possible is a must. Just make safe browsing your habit and enjoy messaging :)