9 super useful Windows 10 tips that will speed up your work

Just being able to use any complex software is not enough these days. As the competition has risen so much in the technical field, using any software like pro is a must to keep you ahead of others. Same goes with Windows 10. These days techies should have habit of using Windows 10 safely and optimally. Windows 10 has some cool features like virtual desktops and cortana that have already made our work so much easy. In addition to that if we learn a few cool tricks we can exploit the full potential of this powerful OS.

9 super useful Windows 10 tips that will speed up your work

For any PC user integrating keyboard shortcuts and other time saving tricks in our work style is a must to be a step ahead of our contemporaries. Today we’ll list 9 useful tips for Windows 10 which are very useful while working on Windows.

Useful Windows 10 tips and tricks -

Below is a list of Windows 10 tips that will help you perform your daily tasks with much more ease. Those who have worked on older versions of Windows might be familiar with some of them but will definitely learn something new and can get the rest refreshed. New MS users will find them super useful and time saving to incorporate these tips in their day to day computing.

  • Re-order the task bar in Windows 10 –  You can change the order in which icons are displayed in the taskbar. Just click and hold the icon you want to shift. Drag it to the new position you want it to be. Other icons will simply make way for it.

  • Snap Windows through keyboard - If you are working on two windows simultaneously then jumping between the two can waste a lot of time. Snapping windows can be a time saver in this sceanrio and speed up your work in a big way. Click the link here to know how to snap windows in windows 10 using keyboard.
  • Check desktop without closing windows – If you want to view the desktop for a moment then there is no need to minimize all the windows. You can do so just by moving your mouse to the lower right hand corner. The open windows will vanish temporarily and you’ll be able to view the desktop.
  • Launch taskbar apps without using mouse – To launch apps and programs visible in your taskbar you don’t even have to use your mouse. Use keyboard shortcut [Win] + [x] to launch the app at number ‘x’ in the taskbar i.e. to launch the first app press [Win] + [1], to launch second app press [Win] + [2] and so on.


  • Create your keyboard shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts are a boost for using any software like a pro. In Windows 10 as well Keyboard shortcuts play an important role. A lot of Windows 10 users are unaware that we can create keyboard shortcuts for windows 10 as per our liking. This can be very helpful for our daily work.
  • Preview the open apps and Programs – If lots of instances of some program are running at the same time then things might get a bit baffling. To overcome this you can view the preview of each instance before opening it. Just hover on the icon of the instance in the taskbar and you’ll get to see a preview of the running program. Move your cursor on the preview and the preview will become full screen. Click on the preview to switch to this program.
  • Close apps from the preview itself – To close any app or program we do not have to switch to it. Just hover on the app button in the taskbar – Windows will show you a preview of the app. Click the red ‘close’ cross on the preview and the app/ program will close.
  • Launch a new window of already program – If a program is already open say MS word and you want to open a new window of that program just hold down the shift key and click on the taskbar icon of the program. A new window will of the program will open.
  • Scroll inactive windows – In windows 10 we can scroll even the inactive windows. Just roll your mouse over the window and scroll using the wheel of the mouse. You do not need to click to on the window to select it. To turn off this feature go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and touchpad.

Conclusion :

Just use these tips a lot of time to accomodate them in your daily working habits. Eventually these will become a part of your reflexes and then you'll yourself realise the difference in the profficiency that you have achieved in uisng Windows 10. Creating a swipe to shutdown shortcut in Windows 10 is yet another useful time saving tip that one should not miss. don't forget to have a look at that.