Create and use windows 10 virtual desktops

There are a lot of computer users who wants to enjoy a different look and feel of their system every time now and then. Different wallpapers, different themes, different desktop icon images. Making these changes frequently can be a boring and monotonous job. Windows 10 has come up with new improved Virtual Desktops that have impressed such users a lot.

Create and use windows 10 virtual desktops

Windows 10 has worked a lot on its look and feel features - the snap assist feature, feature to enable additional clocks in taskbar, Open apps preview etc. are just a few examples. But the most important of them all is the virtual desktop feature.

In windows 10 we can create as many virtual desktops as we want on a single instance of Windows 10. Each virtual desktop can have its own look and feel and settings.

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

Here is the step by step process how to create virtual desktops in Windows 10–

Step 1 :

Use the keyboard shortcut [Win] + [TAB]. You will see all your open windows.

virtual desktops in windows 10
Step 2 :

Go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen to find the “+ New Desktop” Option.

Step 3 :

Click on this option and now you have a new desktop.

virtual desktops in windows 10

How to switch between virtual desktops windows 10

Once you have virtual desktops created and working then the easiest way to switch between these desktops is to use the windows 10 virtual desktop keyboard shortcut.

windows 10 virtual desktop keyboard shortcut

To switch between the vitual desktop use the following keyboard shortcut - 

[Ctrl] + [Win] + left/right arrows.

Conclusion :

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops if used properly can totally transfor the manner in whihc you work on your PC. This can be the most powerful tool in keep your work organized. So just create a few virtual desktop rightaway and get a feel of the environment and start using them more often. Once you are done with this task try a new feel for your Windows 10 - get the Windows 10 dark theme on your computer.