How to backup windows 10?

Taking full backup of all your work is first and most important among the best practices of safe and smart computing. Having a stable state of the system every time at our disposal is very necessary so that we can restore the system when the need arises. Taking full backup can be a headache and can consume a lot of time; this is the main reason why many users ignore taking regular backups and then land up in trouble once the system crashes.

How to backup windows 10?

MS has been adding and improving Windows features to make things easier and more organised for the users - Virtual desktops in Windows 10 are a good example of this. Snap assist feature of Windows also fall in the same category. In case of backup also MS has impoved things a lot.


Since Windows 8.1 Microsoft has made it very easy for its users to take full image backup of the system including the programs and apps. This continues in Windows 10 as well.

How to create image backup in Windows 10?

Image backup of the system is bit-by-bit backup of the whole system. This includes the full operating system installation, all updates, user setting, Windows apps with their current status, Installed programs and also all the files of the user.

Follow the steps given below to exploit windows 10 image feature and perform a full Image backup in Windows 10 (applies to Windows 8.1 as well) –

Step 1 :

Right click on the Start Button.

Step 2 :

Launch Control panel.

windows 10 backup
Step 3 :

Click on File History

windows 10 backup


Step 4 :

Go to the bottom-left corner of the screen and locate System Image backup link – Click on it.

windows 10 backup
Step 5 :

Connect an external USB hard drive or a blank DVD. You can also use network disk to take backup. Keeping the speed of the process in mind, USB hard disk is the best option.

Step 6 :

Choose the best option that suits you most.

windows 10 backup

Step 7:

Click Next.

Step 8:

Begin the process by Clicking on Start Backup.

Once you have the back image file ready you can anytime restore your Windows 10 system from backup image file you just created.

Conclusion :

Many users understand the importance of taking full backup of the system only when they fall in some untoward situation where they have lost all their data and do not have the backup to get the data back. Its better not to fall in this category because at times we can lose data which cannot be compensated, hence it is very much necessary that we make it a habit to take regular backups. BTW have you tried the Windows 10 dark theme - this is one very popular theme among the users.