How to enable dark theme in Windows 10?

Believe it or not but there are a large number of computer users who prefer dark themes for their computer system. The number of users favoring dark theme over the traditional light themes is so much that Apple incorporated a dark mode into their OS X.

How to enable dark theme in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has come up with a variety of changes for its users to make their experience with Windows 10 better. The introduction of Snap assist in Windows 10 can be considered a step towards this direction. Similarly bettered Cortana in Windows 10, additional clocks in Windows 10 can be other examples of this.

Microsoft has now acknowledged the demand of its users and has come up with a dark theme of Windows 10. But MS has not made it simple to change to this theme as it is in case of Apple. In OS X users can switch to dark mode with simple tick box. In Windows 10 you’ll have to edit the registry to achieve this.

Dark theme for windows 10

Here are the necessary steps to get your favorite dark theme. A friendly advise – We’ll need to edit the registry in this tweak hence it is advised that you create a full system backup image before proceeding further.

Step 1 :

Open the Run command. You can use the [Win] + R shortcut.

Step 2 :

type regedit in the Run command box.

Dark theme in Windows 10
Step 3 :

Click “OK” to open the registry editor.

Step 4 :

Browse to the path given below:


Dark theme in Windows 10


Dark theme in Windows 10 


Dark theme in Windows 10 
Step 6 :

Look at the right side of the editor and find the “AppsUseLightTheme”.

Note# If you do not find the “AppsUseLightTheme” entry just create on by – right click on the registry window. Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it as “AppsUseLightTheme”.


Dark theme in Windows 10


Dark theme in Windows 10 
Step 7 :

Double Click on “AppsUseLightTheme”. Change the value of the field from 1 to 0 in the box that opens up.

Dark theme in Windows 10 
Step 8 :

Click OK.

Step 9 :

Reboot your system.

Conclusion :

After following the steps given above you can enjoy Windows 10 in this cool Dark theme. Dark themw in Windows 10 can totally change the look and feel of your system and in turn this will have a great impact on your working habits. You'll yourself feel an improvement in the way you use your computer system and this will increase your productivity. If you want to further increase your productivity, try these Windows 10 tricks that will help you use your system like a breeze.