Windows 10 Tips - Move Cortana search box to the top

Cortana in windows 10 makes life of its users easier. This intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator is of great help. Though fully satisfied by the assistance offered by cortana, some of the Windows users were not happy with Cortana. A few wanted to remove Bing as the default search engine of Cortana and the others wanted the search box of Cortana to be on the top of the app. With search box being on the top it is always easier to understand the search suggestions and also to apply the search filters.

Windows 10 Tips - Move Cortana search box to the top

So here we present a method to move the Cortana search box to the top of the app. It’s noteworthy here that there are registry tweaks being involved in this trick, though we are going to make minor changes in registry but still it is advised to take full Windows 10 backup before you proceed.

How to move Cortana Search box to the top of the screen -

To move Cortana search box to the top of the app follow the steps below –

Step 1 :

Open the Run command. You can use the [Win] + R keyboard shortcut.

Step 2 :

Open the registry editor by Typing regedit and clicking OK

Move cortana to the top


Step 3 :

Browse to - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search\Flighting\0\SearchBoxOnTop

Move cortana to the top


Move cortana to the top 
Step 4 :

Look at the right side of the editor – double click on the value DWORD. Change its value from 0 to 1.

Step 5 :

Click ‘OK’ and close the registry editor.

Step 6 :

Restart your computer.

Note# It is noteworthy that Windows had announced that it will disallow any tweaking with Cortana so it is very possible that this tweak might not work in future updates of Windows 10 but at the time of writing it was working fine with Windows 10 Anniversary update.