How to View additional Clocks in Windows 10 taskbar?

In today's digital era when people are collaborating and communicating with each other around the globe it is very important that we keep ourselves aware of the time of different countries. Nowadays literally the world is working round the clock 24 x 7. Hence it is of utmost importance that we keep the track of the time of the people we are comunicating with and plan our moves accordingly.

How to View additional Clocks in Windows 10 taskbar?

Microsoft has always worked hard to come up with solutions of the probelms that its users face - snap assist in windows 10, the new improved feature of virtual desktops in windows 10, new improved Cortana can be just a few examples to support this fact. And in addition to these if we learn some useful windows 10 tips and tricks, we can enhance the productivity of Windows 10 manifolds. Getting to see additional clocks in the taskbar is yet another useful tweak and in a way a gift to windows users.

Get additional clocks in windows 10 taskbar

By default the taskbar shows you the current time of the country have set as your location. We can see additional clocks of two more countries in the taskbar by simple tweak given below –

Step 1 :

Click on the time in the notification area of the taskbar.

view more clocks in windows 10
Step 2 :

Click on “Date and Time settings”.

Step 3 :

Scroll to “Add Clocks for different time zones”. Click on it.

view more clocks in windows 10


Step 4 :

Tick on “Show this clock”.

view more clocks in windows 10
Step 5 :

Configure the clocks as per your needs.

Conclusion :

Knowing this simple windows 10 tip can be very helpful as we'll be able to keep the time of different time zones easily and the chances of gettiing into right things at the wrong time will decrease trmendously. BTW have you tried the Windows 10 dark theme - this can make your Windows 10 look very attractive.