How to use Excel : Excel Basics – Explore Status bar in Excel Worksheet

Introduction :

So far we have learnt about the start screen and backstage view of Excel 2016 and also explored the different parts of excel worksheet. We have studied the various parts of worksheet in detail as well e.g. we have seen the parts of Excel ribbon, we have explored the formula bar, Quick access toolbar etc. In this series we come at the very last portion of the worksheet - the status bar. At the very bottom of the Excel window is the status bar. Though it is at the very bottom of the program but it has some important roles to perform while using Excel.

Status bar is divided into five main components –

  1. Mode Indicator

    The Mode Indicator

  2. This portion of the status bar indicates the mode in which excel is running currently. While studying the different Excel keyboard shortcuts to navigate the cells we have seen the END Mode. Similarly there are other modes like READY, ENTER, EDIT etc.
  3. Explore Status Bar in Excel
  4. Record Macro
  5. The Macro recording button

  6. Then there is the Macro recording button which appears next to the Mode indicator as soon as we start recording a macro. We’ll study more about recording macros in detail later. While we are not recording any macro this button is replaced by an inactive macro indicator as shown in the image.
  7. Explore Status Bar in Excel
  8. AutoCalculate

    AutoCalculate indicator

  9. This indicator displays the Average, Count and Sum values of the numerical values in the currently selected cells.
  10. Explore Status Bar in Excel
  11. Layout
  12. Layout –

  13. This portion on the status bar has three buttons with each one corresponding to a layout of the worksheet. The three layout options are the Normal layout, Page layout and the Page break Preview. You can switch to any of these layouts by clicking the corresponding button on the status bar.
  14. Explore Status Bar in Excel
  15. Zoom Slider
  16. Zoom slider –

  17. This is the last section of the status bar and is used to zoom in and zoom out of the worksheet area. This can be done by dragging the slider to left or right.
  18. Explore Status Bar in Excel

Conclusion :

Every part of an Excel worsheet, no matter how small it is, has some important role to play. If we make it a habit ti go into the nitty gritties of using Excel  then we'll realise the importance of every portion visible on the worksheet.