How To use Excel : Excel Basics – How are cells named in Excel

Introduction :

We have learnt about different parts of worksheet previously. We saw the parts of ribbon and its significance. But the most important part of an excel worksheet is undoubtedly the main working area which contains the cells in which we can fill, store and process data. When we open an excel worksheet, we initially see only a few cells and every thing looks really simple, but when we work on some very large data or complicated spreadsheet we can use a large number of cells and we might need to jump from one cell to another. Hence it is very important that we know exaclty how cells are named in Excel. In this tutorial we'll discuss the different methods in which cells can be named.

Naming of cells in Excel worksheet

The cells of the worksheet are named in two different ways -

  • The standard method
  • The R1C1 method

Standard Nomenclature of Cells in Excel

Here are the main points that will explain the standard or default nomenclature of excel cells -

  • The standard nomenclature is the one in which the columns are named as alphabets and the rows are named as numbers. So if we have a cell that is named D25 then this means that this cell is in the D column i.e. the fourth column and the 25th row.
  • Columns 1 to 26 are named from A to Z and after that combination of alphabets are used i.e. the column number 27 is named AA, column 28 is named AB, column 29th is named AC and so on.
  • This goes on till column 52 i.e. column AZ. After that the combination changes and column 53 is named as BA, column 54 is named as BB and so on.
  • These two letter combinations goes on till the column ZZ. Once this column is reached there are no more two letter combinations left and the next column is named as AAA, the next column is named as AAB and again the same process of naming continues.
  • A cell that is in column AAD and row 17 will be named as AAD 17. Similarly a cell in the column ZAC and row 922 is named as ZAC922.
  • In Excel 2016 the last column is XFD and the last row is 1048576 hence the last cell of any excel worksheet in Excel 2016 is XFD1048576.

The R1C1 naming system of Excel cells -

There is another naming system of Excel cells called the R1C1 naming system. This system is quite obvious and simple to understand. Here R stands for Row and C stands for Column. Therefore the column R15C5 refers to the cell in row 15 and column 5 i.e. the column E15. You can switch to the R1C1 naming system of the cells from the standard naming system.

Conclusion :

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