How to use Excel : Excel Basics – How To Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon


In our previous tutorial we discussed the different tabs of excel ribbon that are present there by default. There is one more very important tab that is not present by default but can be added to the ribbon - called the developer tab. As the name suggests this tab is for the developers. If you are a coder then you can utilise the powers of excel to the fullest by writing your own codes in VBA. The purpose of developer tab is to provide the users the means to write code for Excel. Using this tab programmers can write macros in VBA to automate various tasks

Step 1 :

Click on the ‘File’ Command button to open the backstage view.

Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon
Step 2:

Click on the ‘Options’ command.

Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon
Step 3 :

Click on “Customize Ribbon” button on the left side pan of the dialog box.

Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon
Step 4 :

On the right side of the dialog box a dropdown is visible under the “Customize the Ribbon” label which lists the different types of tabs on the ribbon. Select the “Main Tabs” option in the dropdown.


Step 5 :

Below the dropdown there is a list of tabs that come under the “Main Tabs” category. In front if every tab name there is a checkbox. The checked tabs are those which are visible on the ribbon while the unchecked are those which are not visible on the ribbon. Check the checkbox next to the “Developer” option.

Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon

The developer Tab is now visible on the ribbon.

Add Developer Tab To Excel Ribbon

Conclusion : 

Excel is a very powerful tool and by writing macros for excel we can utilize its powers even more. Hence adding the developer tool to the ribbon can be of great importance for the users. Later in this course we'll be teaching how to write code for Excel using VBA and writing useful macros. The real power of the developer tab will be evident then.