How to use Excel : Excel Basics – How to navigate or move around the worksheet cells


We already kow that the main data area containing the cells is the most important part of any Excel worksheet. Excel Worksheet contains humongous amount of cells and if you are dealing with a huge amount of data then moving around within the cells can be a tedious job. To navigate easily within the worksheet it is very important to be very thorough about the nomenclature of data cells hence it is advised that raders should go through our tutorials on how excel cells are named if they have done it yet.

Here is a list of all the options that you have to navigate within the cells –

Excel has provided a lot of methods to move around the cells in an excel worksheet including the one that use the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Click the cell directly –

If the cell you want to navigate to is visible on your screen then the easiest way to make it active is by clicking it using your mouse.

  • Formula bar –

Go to the name box of the formula bar and type the address of the cell you want to go to. Hit enter and your desired cell will become active.

  • Press Alt + HFDG –

Hold press the Alt key and press the letters HFDG. A Go to dialog box will open. Type the address of the desired cell and click OK.

  • Ctrl + G  -

Hold press the Ctrl key and press the Letter ‘G’ Key. A Go to dialog box will open. Type the address of the desired cell and click OK.

  • Press F5 –

Simply press the ‘F5’ key. A Go to dialog box will open. Type the address of the desired cell and click OK.

  • Use Scroll bars –

Use the Horizontal and vertical scroll bars. The scroll bars are placed at the bottom and the right edges of the worksheet. You can move these scrollbars to change the visible portion of the worksheet and find your desired cell.

  • Using wheel button of the mouse –

Press the wheel button of the mouse while the cursor is placed anywhere on the worksheet area. A four arrow pointer will appear. Keeping the wheel button pressed move the mouse in whichever direction you want to navigate.

  • Use the Keyboard shortcuts –

If you want to increase your speed of using excel and look professional then it is better to use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate within the worksheet.


Navigating throught the cells of Excel becomes very important when we are dealing with some large and complicated workbooks. Hence one should be well versed with all the above mentioned methods of navigating.