How to use Excel : Excel Basics – How To Customize Quick Access Toolbar


While we were studying different parts of excel workheet we mentioned about the QAT i.e. the quick access toolbar. This small section lying in the corner of the sheet is actually a very useful feature of Excel and comes in very handy a lot of times. This small toolbar contains the commands that are very frequently used by excel users, hence users can directly click on the small command buttons on the toolbar and a lot of clicks are thus saved. Users can also add commands to QAT as per their needs. When working on very large or complicated spreadsheets this can save a lot of time. Here we'll learn how customize quick access toolbar as per our requirements.

Customize quick access toolbar in Excel -

Step 1 :

Go to the Quick Access toolbar at the top of the screen.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Step 2 :

In the right corner of the Quick access toolbar, there is a dropdown button called the “Customize Quick access toolbar button”. Click on this dropdown.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar



There are a lot of customizations that you can perform on Quick access toolbar.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar


Here are some of the most important customizations discussed in details –

How to add more buttons to the Quick access toolbar.

How to add ribbon buttons to the Quick access toolbar.

How to reposition buttons in Quick access toolbar.

Conclusion :

If we make it a habit to use QAT frequently whenever we need to use the command that is present in the toolbar, then we can save a lot of time and energy. Also if we customize the quick access toolbar properly, we can work in Excel like a breeze.