How to use Excel : Excel Basics – The start screen

Introduction To MS Excel

Excel is a powerful tool by Microsoft which is used to create spreadsheets where users can store, manipulate and analyze data. Users can create reports and include charts and images in their spreadsheets as per their needs. The features of MS Excel are numerous - Users can also utilise the built in mathematical formulae to get their work done with ease. Microsoft has also allowed the users to customize Excel so that they can exploit its features to the maximum.

Getting started with Excel - The Start Screen

In this course we'll cover all the features of Excel which are most widely used, but first things first, to start off we'll discuss the first thing that a user will see on opening Excel - The Start Screen of Excel. Here are the different parts of the start screen of Exceland their significance -

Left Pane

The left pane of the start screen lists the recently opened files and the pinned workbooks.

At the top of this pane are the pinned workbooks. If you use some workbooks very often then you can pin those in this section by clicking the pin icon on the right of the workbook name.

How to use Excel
Recent Work

Below this section are the most recently used workbooks. Within this section are the sub-sections which separate the files that were used today, that were used last week and the older files that were used before last week.

How to use Excel

If the workbook that you want to open is not listed in these sections then you can look out for other places like your hard disk, cloud etc. from the "Open Other Workbooks" link.

How to use Excel

In the top left corner of the right pane is a search box from where you can search for templates that are available online. You can use these templates to create your own spreadsheets. Also there are some predefined selected search topics like Business templates, Lists Templates, Personal templates etc. If you’ll click on these predefined searches you’ll directly go to the search results page without the need to type anything.

How to use Excel

In the top right corner is the sign link from where you can log in to your MS office account to access even more features of MS Excel 2016.

How to use Excel
New Workbook

Below these two sections are a few large thumbnail. The first one of these is the ‘Blank Workbook’ thumbnail. Click it to open a new workbook which is totally blank. You can start filling this workbook with your data as per your needs.

How to use Excel

Next to “Blank Workbook” is the “Take a Tour” thumbnail. This is a very important section for beginners. This tour will make you familiar with the various sections of Excel 2016 and how to use various features of Excel 2016.

How to use Excel

Next come the two tutorial thumbnails – The formula tutorials and the Pivot table tutorial. Though our course @ will teach you these topics in depth, still we recommend that beginners should try not to skip these tutorials if they need to create formulae and pivot tables.

How to use Excel

At the bottom of the Start screen are some of the templates that are most commonly used.  Just scroll down the screen and you’ll find a lot of useful templates. You can use one of these templates to start creating your awesome spreadsheet straightaway. Don’t forget to use the search box at the top of the page to search for more templates online if you do not find the template of your choice in this section.

How to use Excel

Conclusion :

Here we have just given the first feel of this powerful software. In the coming lessons we'll discuss all the features of Excel in more detail and will continue to guide you through the ways of accomplishing different important tasks with Excel.