How To use Excel : Excel Basics – Explore different parts of Ribbon

So far we were looking at the different parts and features of the screens that we will come across more often. These screens are a kind of gateways to exploit more features and options. For example the start screen lets us open the new workbooks and templates while the backstage view lets us create, open and save new workbooks. While discussing the different parts of the worksheet area we briefly discussed the mighty 'Ribbon'.

Ribbon is a very significant part of Excel and users spend a lot of their working time utilizing the ribbon. Now lets have a deeper look into the different parts of the ribbon.


Excel Ribbon

Ribbon is one of the most important section of an Excel spreadsheet. The top most portion, below the Quick access toolbar, of the Excel sheet is called the Ribbon and it contains all the major commands that a user will be using while creating a spreadsheet. Users can also customize the Ribbon to add or remove commands from the Ribbon as per their needs.

Explore different parts of Ribbon

The various parts of Ribbon in Excel


All the main actions needed by the user are displayed in form of Tabs on the Ribbon. Users can add or remove ribbon tabs as per their needs.For example programmers can add developer tab to the excel ribbon.

Explore different parts of Ribbon

On opening the Tabs we see the group of commands. The related commands are organized to form a group.

Explore different parts of Ribbon

Every Action that a user can perform on Excel sheet is shown on the ribbon in the form of Command Buttons. These Buttons are then grouped to form a Group.

Different parts of Excel Ribbon - Commands
Dialog launcher

Some of the Groups have dialog box launcher at the bottom right corner. On clicking this launcher a dialog box opens up which can be used to further change the settings related to that group.

Explore different parts of Ribbon

In the bottom right corner of the Ribbon is the ‘collapse the ribbon button’ and in the top right corner is the ‘Ribbon display options button’. These two buttons can be used to minimize the ribbon and to redisplay it.

Explore different parts of Ribbon
Explore different parts of Ribbon  

Conclusion :

It is advised that all the parts of ribbon be thoroughly understood and practiced because these are the features that will make working with Excel easier. All the main features that are widely used are visible on the ribbon and also users can customize ribbon to include commands that use more often but are not visible on ribbon by default.