How To use Excel : Excel Basics – Explore Excel Worksheet


Now that we have familiarised ourselves to the excel start screen and understood the importance of different parts of the startscreen, its time to jump into the main working area of the tool. Here we'll familiarize you with each and every bit and all corners of the main worksheet of Excel.

Different parts of Excel Worksheet -

Given below are the different parts of the Excel worksheet, their significance and how they can be used. Its really important to be familiar with these parts before moving ahead as these terms will be used a number of times in the course.


In the top left corner is the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). This small toolbar comes in very handy. It consists of the most commonly used commands that one might need while working on a worksheet. Originally it consists of only three commands – Save, Undo and Redo but users can customize the Quick access toolbar and add more commands to it as per their needs.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet
File Tab

Below the QAT is the File Tab. This is one of the most important tab as clicking on this will open the backstage view of Excel 2016 from where users can open new workbooks,  open existing workbooks, save workbooks, print, share and do a lot more. To alter the preferences one has to click the options button which is also accessed through this File tab.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet

Then comes the very important Excel Ribbon. Most of the Excel users will spend most of their working time in this area itself. It consists of the Excel commands that are needed to work in Excel. Similar commands are grouped together to form Groups. Similar groups then come under the Ribbon tabs. Ribbon can be customized so that users can remove or add commands as per their needs.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet
Ribbon Tabs

The topmost part of the Ribbon are the Ribbon tabs – Home, Insert, Page Layout etc. Each tab consists of commands that are in context with the tab name. Users can add or remove tabs as per their needs. Users can even create custom tabs.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet
Formula Bar

Below the Ribbon is the Formula bar – It displays the content of the current cell as well as the address of the cell.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet
Main Area

Below the Formula bar is the main Worksheet area where the users mainly work and fill in their data. It consists of Data cells. Each cell is distinguished by its row number and column name. At the top of the worksheet area are the column headings which use Letters to identify each column. At the left edge of the worksheet are the row headings that use numbers to identify the rows.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet
Status Bar

At the bottom is the status bar. It shows the Current Mode of the program, the worksheet view and also the zoom indicator.  The Status bar also shows some of the result values like the average of the selected cells, the count and sum of the selected cells etc.

Excel Basics - Explore Excel Worksheet

Conclusion :

These were all the major parts of an Excel worksheet. As an Excel user you'll be spending your maximum time in this worksheet area, hence its a good idea to be well versed with the terms and different parts of worksheet discussed above.