Kik is a messaging app with over 200 million users worldwide. It's a great app for communicating with friends, but it can also be used to save photos and videos. Kik saves photos and videos in the same location as messages, so you can access them quickly.

Where does kik save photos Android

1. On your Android device, open the "Photos" app.
2. Tap the "Photos" tab at the top of the screen.
3. Look for the "Kik" logo in the "Photos" tab.
4. Tap on the "Kik" logo.
5. Look for the "Photos" album.
6. Tap on the "Photos" album.
7. Tap on the "Camera Roll" album.
8. Look for the "Photos" photo you want to share.
9. Tap on the photo to share it.
10. Tap on the "Share" button.
11. Tap on the "Kik" icon.
12. Tap on the "Options" button.
13. Tap on the "Profile Picture" button.
14. Tap on the "Add Profile Picture" button.
15. Tap on the "Upload" button.
16. Tap on the "Select File" button.
17. Tap on the "Select Picture" button.
18. Tap on the "Upload" button.
19. Tap on the "OK" button.
20. Tap on the "Close" button.

Conclusion :

Kik is a great app for saving photos on Android, but it doesn’t offer the best options for managing your photos. If you want to keep your photos organized and easily accessible, we recommend using a photo storage app like Google Photos or iCloud.